CopyLounge Consulting

Ken Godfrey - President, Principal Consultant

You'd like to improve the performance of your Web site -- generate more traffic and leads. We can help.

Our Digital Marketing Process has successfully increased traffic, engagement and lead generation for IBM's highest value digital properties.

As a client you get an uncommonly high level of expertise and hands-on knowledge in user experience, content development and management, web design and development, organic search, social listening and engagement and other digital marketing practices as well as agile methodology and advertising.

Work that Speaks for Itself

  • IBM Home Page
  • Linux at IBM
  • IBM Power Systems
  • Brand Centric to Customer Solution Centric
  • IBM Smarter Computing
  • Fergus O'Daly Associates
  • Dominican Vocations
  • Ortho Lawn Seed
  • Genrad Industrial Testing